Tired of headaches and Migraines. Get yourself completely cured through Homeopathy.

Summer is at its full swing this year and so is the complaint of headaches and migraines affecting people.Migraine is a particular type of headache that can vary in intensity and severity. It generally occurs because of the too much dilatation or constriction of the blood vessels of the head. It is generally characterise by

  • Severe pain on one side of your head
  • Pain that is aggravated by routine physical activity and disrupts the normal activity
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Sensitivity to light, sound or odour

Headaches could also be of different kinds like

Bilious Headaches: Because of indigestion, overeating or remaining hungry for a longer time can lead to headaches in many people.

Exertion Headaches: Eyestrain because of working too much on the computers can lead to headaches.

Sun Headache: Especially in summer commonly seen in people working outside in sun or people in sales can get headaches

Tension Headache: Emotional stress for a longer period of time can lead to headaches.

Other factors that can trigger the pain includes

Diet and Lifestyle

Caffeine, alcohol, chocolate, dairy products, change in sleep patterns, high level of activities or stress.

Hormonal Factors

Puberty, pregnancy, birth control pills pre-menopause, hormone replacement therapy

Environmental Factors

Strong glaring lights, strong odours, tobacco smoke

Homeopathy helps to relieve the complaint of headaches very effectively and permanently. Constitutional homeopathic medicines are been administered taking into consideration the causation of the headaches and thereby the pain can be treated permanently. The intensity and the frequency of episodes decrease eventually relieving the headaches completely.

Also if along with the medicine a little bit of self-care is been done then the complaint relieves faster.

  • Apply cold compresses to the part from where the pain is radiating.
  • Hot packs will relax the muscles of neck and shoulder
  • To prevent headache eat frequent small meals
  • Exercise regularly
  • Reduce the level of stress.



Homeopathy and Autism


In the modern world, autism is a one of the serious developmental disability growing in numbers. It is rising at the rate of approximately 10-15% anually. Approximately one in hundred kids in Canada is expected to have suffered from Autism Spectrum Disorder. More boys are noted to suffer from autism than girls. Autism presents itself during the very early years of a person’s life. By the age of 3 years most of the kids suffering begins to show their signs and symptoms. It is a result of neurological disorder that has an effect on normal brain function affecting child’s communication and social interaction skills. The child’s verbal and non verbal communication skills may be affected accompanied by repetitive stereotyped behaviour. Some children shows signs of autism in their early infancy while others may develop normally in their early years and then suddenly lose their skills when they should have already acquired. Each child is different but some of the common autism symptoms in a child can be

  • Does not speak or delayed speech.
  • Can speak only in words
  • Poor eye contact while talking
  • Does not respond to their names
  • Does not appear to understand simple questions or directions
  • Performs continuous repetitive movements and will keep themselves indulge in the activities for a very long period of time like staking cans, gathering pins, rocking chairs etc.
  • Moves constantly
  • Can be sensitive to light, sound or touch
  • Lack of interest and lack of empathy with others is commonly seen in such kids.


The cause of Autism is unknown however certain risk factors can lead to this condition in a child as

  • Any family members having the same condition.
  • Exposure to toxins or heavy metals.
  • Premature birth or difficulty/trauma during pregnancy or childbirth
  • Low apgar score at the time of the birth
  • Parental history of schizophrenia, depression or bipolar disorders

Parents of an autistic child go through a difficult phase once their child is diagnosed with autism/ASD. They might feel burden or overwhelmed with the feeling but the good part is that autism can be reverted back to an extend if early interventions are taken at appropriate time.


Not many people know that Homeopathy is highly effective in treating Autism. Early homeopathic interventions should be started for benefits.It can help the child make significant improvements in their language and social skills and thus improve their ability to relate to others and communicate. Their behaviour and sleep pattern improves. Comprehension improves. Improvements are seen in all aspects of the condition. Homeopathic medicines are been administered taking into consideration their constitution as well as the presenting symptoms which helps the child to improve their attention and focus on a subject being spoken about. In my clinical practice of 18 years , I have seen improvement in almost all the kids been on Homeopathy including some care noted below.


Parent should start working with their kids aggressively towards the child’s improvement. Child is slipping away into his own world and it’s time for us to act fast . Be with your child as much as you can. Engage him in daily activities-involve him, make him do the things. Play with him the games he likes. Abstain the child completely from screen time may it be watching cartoons, watching musical shows, playing games, learning materials or watching rhyms.Make them study through hard copies. Make them read the books even if little at a time. If a child faces speech trouble try talking to your child as much as you can. After starting the homeopathic treatment, I have seen such kids are like little babies who is ready to learn anything that you want to teach.Engage the child in the sports of their choice which will improve their learing skills. Never leave the child alone to slip him into his won world, be their companion round the clock and as much as you can.


Kids are in their growing phase so good protein intake, fresh fruits and vegetables, yogurts and fats as ghee, extra virgin olive oil should be included in their diet..Processed and fast food should be avoided along with food containing additives, flavors enhancers, too much of sugars.


Make a routine for a child to sleep. Avoid screen time immediately before bed. Avoid heavy meals before bed. Read books before sleep.

Together we can make a difference in the life of these special kids.Consult the homeopathic doctor or homeopath for best results.