Homeopathy in Bedwetting

What is Bedwetting/Enuresis?

Involuntary passage of urine during sleep is known as Bedwetting/Enuresis. Children under 4-5 years of age do not have proper bladder control and can lead to Bedwetting in sleep. Bladder control during the day can be achieved at an earlier age than 5 years in children. Bladder control during night varies in children but some factors can play part as

  •  It is more common in boys
  •  It depends on overall health of a child
  • Many a time, children of parents with same concern tends to wet the bed and complaint stops when the child reaches the same age as parents did
  • Bedwetting is also more commons in kids with attention deficit hyperactivity disorders.

What are the types of Bed Wetting?

Bed Wetting can be

  1. Primary Bed Wetting
  2. Secondary Bed Wetting

Primary Bedwetting: The child does not wake up when the bladder is full and is not able to hold the urine for the entire night. These children may not follow the routine daytime toilet habits and ignores the call.

Secondary Bedwetting: The child remains dry at night for at least six months and the complaints of Bedwetting starts. it can be because of some underlying medical or emotional stress as

  •  Urinary Tract Infection
  • Any kind of structural or anatomical abnormality in the passage
  • Diabetes Mellitus increasing the urge and frequency to pass the urine because of high levels of sugar in blood
  • Emotional concerns as stress of any kind can also lead to Bedwetting in children.

Is Bedwetting treatable?

Apart from some underlying pathology, Bed Wetting can be completely treatable. Homeopathy has been proven very effective in treating Bed Wetting complaints. The medicines are selected based on personality of the child along with symptoms present. Some common homeopathic medicines that can relieve the complaints of Bedwetting are




Arsenic Album

Equisetum: this is a good medicine for children habitual of Bedwetting

Cina: Bedwetting along with warm infestation in children. The child has increas appetite and is very irritable.

Causticum: the child is weak with little control over the bladder and passes urine even when coughing or sneezing. Complaints occur more in winter than summer

Arsenic Album: Restless and Fastidious child that wets the Bed between 1-2 AM

Consult the homopath for best results


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